March 10, 2013

Another Simple Free Blogger Store Template

jacket store
With this posting I will share jaketgue Blogger store template to you, yup this is a blogger store template which build from default blogger "Picture Window template".

This template use carousel slider on a top of  blog store, and have a name jaketgue template.

Hehehe ... not a good name I think, what important here is, it have a name to called :-)

With three column on homepage this template look so simple and nice, like usually the store came without chart, because it using email and sms for order and bank transaction for paying, so it more like online catalog product.

You can display your product up to six product to make its nice looked, but you can still setup as you like, four or eight product is fine, just make it equal for your taste.

To see the demo and download this template see this link below :

Demo      Download Link

Thank you for your time and your visit, I hope this can be useful for someone who needed.


  1. Thanks a lot for the sharing.. I'm using it now... here's my blog

    1. i need ur help !! how u do this !!! pls teach me ~

    2. sry cheng..but i've changed my template to Simple Blogger Store Template With Picture Windows

  2. hi again writer... how should i adjust my post box size (on the main page..)? because it appears to be too small and my POST DESCRIPTION has exceeded the bottom box border.

    1. sorry for very late reply,

      to change it go to dashboard > template > Edit Html and find this code below:

      .post-outer {
      float:left; margin-right:5px; margin-left:1px;

      change width and height as you wish, just remember to preview it before your apply your template

      good luck

    2. Thanks for the reply... so cool template <3

  3. Hai...

    Some very nice collection of blogshops. Test it out before and worked like it said. Thanks.

    I've also built some blogger store using the mailing method. It took me a while to code it from scratch using simplecart but manage to integrate it (with the help from PHP). The demo is here at My Blogshop Gallery.

    Thanks again for the shared works. You guys really inspires me and the team. Cheers...

  4. i like this templete thank u.its look very rich.

  5. how to do like this ...
    can share to me ?

    1. to use this template, first you need download, extract and upload the .xml file, from your dashboard > template , click Backup/Restore button on the right top and upload it.

      customize the look from dashboard > template > customize menu.
      change as you like.

      and remember to read the readme file, and post your posting with post template in there.

      i hope this can help u, thanks

  6. gmn caranya nambahin navigasi barnya. kaya contact, about us, dll. saya sedikit kesulitan untuk ngeditnya. terimakasih.....

  7. Hi, very nice template! I wanna ask something, i use this template, but why the slideshow dont show any image?

  8. jaket gue is Indonesian means my jacket. But anyway, i like your template. i use it on my online store. keep up the good work!

  9. We will place this code to where the template?