September 10, 2012

Create Online Store With Blogger Default Template

blogger template
By default blogger has provided a ready-made templates, namely Dynamic Views, Picture Windows, Simple, Watermark, Etheral and Awesome Inc. I want share my experience about how to create online store using those template above and combine it with some tutorial about blogger tips and trick. In this post the template use Picture Windows Template.

And for your information this store template not design with shopping cart, order product using email , sms, or phone and use payment method trough local bank transaction.

First Login to your blogger Dashboard.

After that you should Create Order Form Page, How to Shop Page and Contact Us Page from your Blogger Post Page. You can read my post about how to make Order Form with blogger page , and How to Page is an explanation of how to shop in your store.

If you finished with things above, now you must make your latest post showed thumbnail and summary, and how to do that see this page,

Now the final step is create an post template, so you can posting your product with more simple way, go to your Dashboard >> Settting >> Post and Comment  >> Post Template, and Add this code below; Or from Old blogger interface Dashboard >> Setting >> Formatting >> Post Template.

<table border="1" style="width: 500px;"><tbody>
<tr><th class="item_thumb" id="thumb" width="40%"><a href="Your-Image-URL" rel="nofollow">
<img alt="YourALT" border="0" src="Your-Image-URL"
style="display: block; height: 164px; margin: 0px auto 10px; text-align: center;
width: 148px;" /></a></th><td><span class="item_add">
<a href="" target="_blank">
Order Now</a></span></td></tr>
<tr><th>Product Name</th><td class="item_name">Your-Product</td></tr>
<tr><th>Price</th><td class="item_price">$Your-Price</td></tr>
<tr><th>Description</th><td class="item_Description">Your-Product-Description</td></tr>
<tr><th>Related Product</th><td>Your-Related-Product-Image-URL-Goes-Here</td></tr>

Change red color word with your destination url and your product, below how it look on your post page:
post template
Go post some product and look for the result on your page.

You can choose whatever the default template you want used, if you plan using shopping cart and payment method like PayPal, try combine it with simplecart.js, but I dont talk about that in here you can search information by your self.

You can find about store template in this blog with this link More Blogger Store Template, I hope this post can useful for somebody who need it, thank you.


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  2. Thanks but how to remove labels that i dont need them?

    1. you're welcome, what labels you means?
      if you means label on gadget just click remove on gadget, if labels name on post template, remove from <tr> to </tr>
      example, remove below text will remove Product Name and Your Product
      <tr><th>Product Name</th><td class="item_name">Your-Product</td></tr>

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  4. I found some labels (gadgets) that can be removed, another can not. I removed them trough 'Layout' menu and it works for a while, but then they appear again after page refresh. The unremoved gadgets all linked to 'Label1'. Once I made a new post, the gadgets also updated as well as 'Label1'.

    I don't mind if they can be used as another group of posts, for example; if 'Label1' is a group of posts based on product, then 'Label2' is group for posts based on brand.

    Or if 'Label1' is group of 'shirts' then 'Label2' is for 'pants'. Can I make them so?

    1. You can try this steps:

      Give your new post two labels (brand and product) from post setting >> labels

      From layout, add gadget >> labels , now you have to configure labels, click selected labels and click edit, on bottom of gadget you can show list of all your gadget, just unchek the labels you don't want to show and save gadget.

      Repeat steps above to show your others labels.

      If this what you mean, I think you could separate them now.
      I hope this can helpful.

  5. Thank's a lot! it helps. I'm just too old to learn all of these.. :D

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